Thanks Corona

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Thanks Corona

By Kartini Damanik

I can't thank you enough for teaching us how to be more grateful
For everything we have in life before 
till you struck into the life  which most of the time we, humanbeing, takes for granted

Just ask yourself and find the answers 
Deep down in the very bottom of your souls
How many times we forget the bonding in our family
Only because we are too busy scrolling on our phones
How many  times that we spent  unwhole-heartedly
because we get attached too much with our jobs than to our God
Or even be more intense talking to our flesh and bone

Now we  miss doing the jobs that we sometimes feel bored with and keep complaining about
The traffic jams that easily  drive us mad and sometimes being so impatiently rude to other drivers 
And now the roads seems so scary because they're empty 

The air we breath freely without any hasitation, we don't consider it as an important matter until you, Corona, make us realize how hard it is to breath in and out now
without the help of masks or ventilators

The clear blue mountains  and oceans  the rivers and waterfalls
The zoos and markets
And all of the simple small things like hanging out with friends in a cafe, chit chat with them 
while drinking  a cup of coffee or tea
Or just simply Eat out together in a restaurant
Or simply visit our relatives and extended families
All of a sudden, we dont have the ability to do so..
We are banned to go
Even to simply perform prayers at the holy places such as mosque, church, or  temple

How many longer we can survive 
How many more humans are to die 
Because of this tiny litle creatures that can barely be seen with our naked eyes

So tell me, which of God's Glory we should deny
For this already become proofs of His greatest existance
So do good
Speak good
Cause maybe because of those kindness
God will save us all
From the evils in disguise
In its pretty name Corona Virus

Purwakarta, April 2020

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